Why should you start considering Private Cities ?

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Ordinary cities have reached a point of suffocation

Residents of those cities may have witnessed a deterioration in their quality of life, with the rise of criminality as well as the lack of understanding and interest of politicians towards their citizens. The worsening of the situation is also created by the increase of pollution and the absence of concrete actions coming from the government. Businesses and industries may also suffer from the down-fall of the general state. The increase in taxes causes their annual profits to fall. This leads to a decrease in employment and thus has a direct impact on the general well-being of citizens.

Private Cities represent the counteract to the situation. By allowing private individuals and companies to act as government service providers, changes will occur in favor of its residents, its businesses, and in favor of the government being the "host" of the private city.

Residents will not only be empowered by being the only ones to agree or disagree on a decision but also by being able to choose their lifestyles. They will thrive to live in a cohesive community where their interest and their freedom will be shared by their neighbors. This egalitarian system will provide general prosperity for the community. Another advantage within the private cities lifestyle is the balance between private life and work : living in a private city enables its citizens to live and work in the same place.

Businesses will benefit from a predictable, stable, transparent and low-regulatory environment. With a high tax rate of 0% for the first 5 years and 1% from the 6th year, our Private Cities will empower businesses to reach their goals. By helping the growth of industries, Private Cities also help to decrease the unemployment rate of the host country.

The “host” government will benefit from attracting high-potentials, investors and new industries into their country.

Private Cities aim to offer all the advantages above to its future residents while respecting the fundamental values that are Human Rights, Eco-responsible actions, and Transparent information.

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