Cayman Enterprise City: moving in in less than 30 days

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Cayman Enterprise City is a Special Economic Zone and a Private City located between Cuba, Jamaica and Central America.

As advertised on their website, this is the safest place to live and work in the Caribbean.

Future citizens will benefit from a stable British Overseas Jurisdiction: As a British Overseas Territories (OT), the Cayman Islands adhere to the highest standards in terms of regulations and laws.

Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) is also business orientated: as a tax-neutral location, it is perfect for industries that wish to export themselves in a heavenly atmosphere.

Finally, the low crime rates that continue to get lower is another reason to adopt the Cayman lifestyle and move to this Private City.

Others privileges are offered to industries and citizens willing to move to Cayman Enterprise City such as

1. Financial & Tax Incentives

2. Stable, Pro-Business Regulatory Environment

3. Proximity to the U.S and Global Markets

4. Foreign Ownership and No Earning Criteria

5. World-Class Infrastructure

6. Streamlined Licensing

7. Invite your own team with you

8. High quality Work/Life Balance

9. Personal & Professional Networking Opportunities

10. Full support

How it works?

It takes 5 steps to move to this Private City

STEP 1 – Evaluate your Business Fit

STEP 2 – Incorporate your Cayman Islands Company

STEP 3 – Approve your CEC License Agreement & Submit Deposit

STEP 4 – Apply for Zone Trade & Employment Certificates

STEP 5 – Move into the Zone!

To learn more about their project :

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