Image by Mia Ye


Ivory Coast 

Ideally located near the San Pedro’s port and the Cavally region, we believe we can bring investment in a land filled with opportunities with our project Renaissance. 

Renaissance will be the first Private City to be built on the African Continent. We plan to develop our Private City in the VITITB area “Village de innovation technologique”, dedicated to technology and innovation. 


Future citizens of Renaissance will have the privilege to contribute to a unique administration, taxation, and legal system to form an autonomous city where safety, freedom, and privacy are highly valued. 


In addition to the financial and life-style privileges, this new private city will use green and renewable energy as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure such as private hospitals, high level schools and universities, its own airport and science orientated parks. Our goal is to boost the economy of local communities by creating jobs, bringing investment. 



  • 0% tax for the first five (5) years.

  • 1% tax from the 6th year, with the possibility of tax reduction for recruiting nationals

  • 0% taxes on the consumption of production factors (water, electricity)

  • 0% tax on services provided to companies under the ZBTIC regime

  • Lump sum for the vehicle stickers of ZBTIC companies

  • 0% import and export customs duties and taxes

  • Exemption from import verification program (SGS, VERITAS)

  • 0% taxes, duties and import taxes on materials and equipment necessary for the realization of constructions and infrastructures of the ZBTIC

  • The promoter makes the investment his exclusive business

  • Type of Investment: PPP (Private Private Partnership), BOT, under terms to be determined

  • Guarantees

  • Land offered by VITIB for long-term rental (emphyteutic lease, up to 99 years)

  • Possibility of building duty free (cost reduction)