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Our values 

Our values reflect the identity of our company. Committed to fighting corruption, reducing our environmental footprint, sharing information transparently, and defending human rights, we aim to improve the world of tomorrow by using our creativity and innovations every day. It is then with no surprises that our Private Cities will be established on the same fundamental values and principles. 


We are closely working with Transparency International, an organization that fights corruption over the world, and World Wildlife Fund that helps "Conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth." Nordland International BV collaborates with these organizations to ensure our actions match what we want to influence and create a better world.

We are ethical investors.

  • As ethical investors, we do the practice of selecting investments based on our ethical or moral principles.

  • As ethical investors, we select investments based on our ethics offers, no guarantee of performance.

  • As ethical investors, we  avoid investments from unethical stocks, which are companies involved with stigmatized activities, such as pollution, child labor, violations of  human rights and corruption.

  • As ethical investors, analyzing investments according to our ethics should also include reviewing whether the company’s actions align with its commitment to ethics and its historical, current, and projected performance.





Fundamental right to all human beings, we highly value freedom to gain knowledge, empower ourselves, learn from others and challenge the status quo.


Part of our DNA innovation is the foundation of our business. We strive to create unique opportunities for our customers and employees where new ideas are highly encouraged.


Coming in hands with innovation, we believe in creativity and vivid imagination to develop sustainable solutions and make a positive impact on our world.


At Nordland International BV, we do ethical and transparent business with our partners and employees to ensure their trust, peace and prosperity.

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We are an ethical company