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Through private cities we create a better world full of opportunities to improve quality of life

Nordland International BV


"Knowledge is Power; Knowledge leads to Freedom; The Individual is Sovereign".




Nordland International BV is an international real estate company specialised in developing Private Cities and Special Economic Zones worldwide and Nordland International BV is also a Financial services company investing in infrastructure projects, Finance Technology (FinTech), Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Green Technology,  Renewable Energy, Education, Healthcare services, Pharmaceuticals, Transport, Logisitcs, Aerospace, Organic farming, Commodities and Art works.


Nordland Holding BV is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Our goal is to help industries export themselves worldwide where new opportunities would lead to a more flourishing business. Eager to meet our stakeholders' high expectations and excellent quality of life, our Private Cities will be autonomous with their own administration, their own legal system, their own economic system and the home of a vibrant community where global business will thrive.


Nordland International BV is an ethical, innovative and creative company. Fundamental right to all human beings, we highly value freedom to gain knowledge, empower ourselves, learn from others and challenge the status quo.

Part of our DNA innovation is the foundation of our business. We strive to create unique opportunities for our customers and employees where new ideas are highly encouraged.


Coming in hands with innovation, we believe in creativity and vivid imagination to develop sustainable solutions and make a positive impact on our world.


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